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Top ten places should be visited in the USA.

Yesterday, consul of the USA visited my university. She had a meeting with students. At first, she spoke about relationships between Russia and USA from the beginning up to nowadays. It was a little boringly, but interesting cause she was speaking in english )) Everybody in the auditory was trying to understand her while she was smiling and speaking, smiling and speaking... Sometimes it seemed non-natural smile. Do everybody americans smile so? I don't know actually, but I know that she said "I don't understand russian emotion!". We don't understand each other's emotion, probably? ))

Also she spoke about Work&Travel USA program, about higher education in the USA and other themes. After all there was a time for questions. And one of the students asked the main question (see topic of this post) ))) And... Here they are... TOP TEN:
1. New-York
2. San-Francisco
3. One of the national park (Yellowstone, she mentioned)
4. Grand Canyon
5. Washington at the spring, because there millions of flowers at that time, and of course it's the capital
6. Mississippi river.
7. A highway in the California near the Pacific Ocean
8. Chicago and the Michigan lake
9,10 I don't remember exactly! ))

In addition, I would like to visit Miami and a secret place, where UFO's man died!

The last is Joke! =) It's a good weather on the street, my soul is singing.


I think she might've been smiling so much because she was nervous. Whenever I'm nervous, I tend to smile a lot, too. lol

New York is the best place to go to by far. If you like the snow, go to northern New York :)
Maybe, maybe. Then it is good reaction - to smile when you are nervous.
I've heard, that New York have an extraordinary smell. Is it true? Can you describe...
Umm... I've never heard of New York's 'smell' before, haha. I mean, it probably has a different smell compared to a rural country because New York is an industrial state. A lot of busy cities are in New York, so maybe the smell is a bit congested? I'm not sure, though.

I prefer northern New York, though, because it's more quiet and remote. My uncle lives in Syracuse New York, and he gets a lot of snow, so the air smells very clean and fresh over there. But the larger cities in New York probably don't smell as pleasant :)
Erm... I meant not the whole state, just the city ))

I've heard about smell from "Work&Travel" students. They said: "the first thing you discover, when arriving to the NYC airport is the extraordinary smell". =)) Maybe it is just them representation.

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