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Sep. 25th, 2014

About human opportunities and man limits

What are the my opportunities? What are the my limits? How much money can I earn? How much time do I need to study English at high level?
Once again. What are the my limits?

I want to feel my limits. I want to get myself at the red line, and do a step. I want to get myself out of comfort zone. I want to do something different from what I am doing now.

Trying to stop smoking. Trying to stop wasting time. Trying to do sport, and so on, so on. Everyday, everymonth, everyyear are the same. With no valuable results.

Starting from now I try to do my best. I try to reach my limits and make a step above it.

Sep. 23rd, 2014

Hard-working day

Today is the hard-working day. I have did almost everything I wanted. I like those days. And it is still not evening.

Some of my achievments are: HTTPS server and HTTPS client with Plain Authorization. PHP-scripts for downloading and uploading images from/to server.

I should make those days as my motto. I mean... if you want to achieve something it is not enough just want it. The second thing is doing little steps to make goal to result. And sometimes you are lazy a little. And then "Just Do It".

Jul. 3rd, 2014

Small guide to visitors to S-Pb.

Hello. And Welcome.

I am very pleased to see you in Saint-Petersburg.
At first I want to introduce myself. My name is Denis. I live in S-Pb since I was born. I am 26 years old.

And now, as you already here I want to ask you... What was the road? How did you come? By car or by airplane? What is the aim of your journey?

Saint-Petersburg is a great city. There is much things to see. But I don't want recommend to you visit mainstream places. Maybe only 2 - 3. Just trying to live as inhabitant. Here is the 1 week program.

1 day. Accomodation. Visiting nearby shops.
2 day. Metro. Visit city's center - Palace Square (Dvorcovaya ploshad'), Winter Palace (Zimnij Dvorec), traveling on the boat on Neva river, seeing divorced bridges.
3-4 day. Travel to S-Pb's countryside. Barbecue (shashlik). Swimming on the lake.
6 day. Visit city's center, visit places on interest (technical, theatre, parks, etc.)
7 day. Aquapark, Shopping. Departure.

It is approximate list ))

May. 12th, 2014

Why do people go to live abroad?

Today's question is "why do people go to live abroad?". So, there is many reasons for life abroad, but all of them have main goal - life with higher life quality. Here is my list of reasons:
1. Job. Better job, better salary.
2. Political asylum.
3. Relationship, love and so on. But, I think it is the last reason ))

Huh, that is all!

May. 6th, 2014

OK. I've started again.

Hello everyone and myself. I have started again my English language self-education. I will be at upper-intermediate skill as soon as possible. I promise myself. And the last goal is FCE certificate. Last goal for now ))

Jun. 16th, 2009

Hitch movie.

I was watching Hitch movie yesterday at night. The movie with Will Smith and Eva Mendes... very great actor couple )) He is so cheerful and strong, she is unrealistic beautiful )) I want to see the movie again and again.

Apr. 16th, 2009

Top ten places should be visited in the USA.

Yesterday, consul of the USA visited my university. She had a meeting with students. At first, she spoke about relationships between Russia and USA from the beginning up to nowadays. It was a little boringly, but interesting cause she was speaking in english )) Everybody in the auditory was trying to understand her while she was smiling and speaking, smiling and speaking... Sometimes it seemed non-natural smile. Do everybody americans smile so? I don't know actually, but I know that she said "I don't understand russian emotion!". We don't understand each other's emotion, probably? ))

Also she spoke about Work&Travel USA program, about higher education in the USA and other themes. After all there was a time for questions. And one of the students asked the main question (see topic of this post) ))) And... Here they are... TOP TEN:
1. New-York
2. San-Francisco
3. One of the national park (Yellowstone, she mentioned)
4. Grand Canyon
5. Washington at the spring, because there millions of flowers at that time, and of course it's the capital
6. Mississippi river.
7. A highway in the California near the Pacific Ocean
8. Chicago and the Michigan lake
9,10 I don't remember exactly! ))

In addition, I would like to visit Miami and a secret place, where UFO's man died!

The last is Joke! =) It's a good weather on the street, my soul is singing.

Apr. 2nd, 2009

It was the time...

I was working a consultant of Apple computers and software for Mac OS X last year. It was my first serious and legal job. Everything I had to do was consulting customers (purchasers) in one of "Mediamarkt" supermarket . These supermarkets of electronics, computers, TVs, etc are very famous in Europe. And job... It was interesting for me... just first 1-2 month :) It was interesting because I had never known about Macintosh computers before this job. But after 5 months job become boring for me and I come out!

But, before I come out, I had bought MacBook Pro ))))) The best computer in the world ever! It was a little bit difficult to me to work with Mac OS X after Windows )) Mac OS have a great features, productivity, stability, user interface. I knew it - that's why I chose Mac. And I am mac-user for 8 months so far ) I wish you too.

Mar. 28th, 2009

Summer school

I want to go to summer school this august. It's very useful experience. Last year I was in Joensuu, Finland and visited Intensive Program on Computer Vision summer school. There was about 60 participants of about 10 countries... Finland, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Hungray etc. It was nice to me to have speak with french students ))) They are very interesting and positive.

There is a photo of Joensuun University:

Mar. 21st, 2009


I've got a surprise! My friend, who is studying in Germany, has returned to Russia )). And he didn't tell that he wants to return! What a big surpise for me =)

We're going to have a meet tomorrow and seat in on of the cafe in the centre.

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